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STRIDES is a study aiming to improve donor experiences within National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT). With over 1 million people donating around 1.6 million whole blood units every year, NHSBT is conducting world-leading research into donor management and, through academic partnerships, addressing wider public health issues.

There are two key objectives:

1) to collect blood samples and questionnaire data from whole blood donors for research purposes. Importantly, the knowledge gained will help NHSBT decide the best STRategies to Improve Donor ExperienceS (STRIDES).

2) to establish a panel, or BioResource (part of the NIHR BioResource), of thousands of healthy volunteers who are willing to be contacted and asked if they wish to participate in medical and health-related studies. Invitees are selected based on results from the blood samples or information collected during enrolment (such as lifestyle choices).